VIRTUAL REALITY EQUIPMENT LOANS: Please be aware, we've introduced an approval system to ensure we can safely quarantine some Virtual reality headsets between loans - some virtual reality equipment will warn you it "can only be reserved for 0 days" but your booking will be approved manually by the uCreate team.

Welcome to the uCreate Studio Makerspace loans, open to all inducted students, faculty and staff. The uCreate Studio strives to provide access to a wide range of useful and well-maintained equipment suitable for design, fabrication, collaboration and learning activities. Makerspace equipment users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of the makerspace resources, and use loaned equipment in safe and reasonable manner at all times.

Loanees will:
- Adhere to policies governing appropriate use of University identification.
- Present identification upon request.
- Comply with makerspace policies.
- Report all accidents, injuries and near misses when using makerspace equipment on the Edinburgh University Accident and Injury Reporting system.

Loanees will not:
-Obstruct use of makerspace equipment, facilities, or deny access to studio tools through theft or deliberate misplacement.
-Deface or damage makerspace equipment or tools.
-Stain loaned equipment with food, drink or tobacco odour (including electronic cigarettes).
-Borrow or otherwise remove makerspace equipment or tools from the makerspace without a loan reservation.
-Provide access to makerspace equipment for non-inducted persons without permission.
-Misuse, misappropriate, damage or deface the makerspace equipment, including computer systems.

Sanctions for non-compliance:

Makerspace users found in violation of this code of conduct may be asked to present identification to Makerspace staff; may be subject to a search of backpacks or bags; may be directed to leave the premises and not return to the Makerspace facilities for the day or permanently; and may be reported to University of Edinburgh security or law enforcement agencies. Disciplinary or legal action may also be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies.

Our full code of conduct can be found on our website.

Health and Safety:
Health and Safety is the top concern of the uCreate Studio and all users must adhere to all health and safety rules at all times in order to be allowed to continue loaning equipment.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Safe use of equipment as instructed and not attempting to bypass interlocks, effect repairs or make changes without express permission.
- Seek permission before using any user sourced exotic materials with makerspace equipment.
- Safe and sensible use of tools.
- Returning dangerous tools or equipment to a safe state or location after use.
- Cleaning of mess created from equipment or tool use.
- Reporting any observations of unsafe equipment or behaviour.
- Not attempting to use restricted equipment or tools.

Users who fail to comply with health and safety policy or repeated unsafe behaviours may have access privileges suspended or revoked.

Making and manufacturing: users must not manufacture inappropriate or illegal creations while using makerspace equipment, including on equipment that is out with the uCreate Studio itself. Any user who is unsure whether an item would contravene this policy should seek staff guidance.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Hateful or prejudiced iconography.
- Any kind of weapon or implement designed to cause harm.

Use of computing resources is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University policies UK laws. These laws and policies cover such areas as illegal access to computer systems, networks, and files, copyright, and harassment issues.

At times, the demand for equipment could exceed availability. You are asked to be sensitive to the needs of others and limit equipment and computer use during times of heavy demand. The Makerspace may take additional steps to regulate equipment and computer use.

Use of computers for recreational purposes such as game playing is considered lower priority than using these workstations for supporting design and fabrication activities. The Makerspace may intervene to ensure optimal access to computers for these purposes.

The burden to not violate intellectual property law remains with the user while using makerspace equipment. Any existing Intellectual Property (“IP”) obligations that apply to what a user brings into or creates in the Makerspace cannot be eliminated simply by use of the Makerspace facility. For example, IP obligations from an employment agreement or employer policy, whether that employer is the University of Edinburgh or a private company, may apply to what a user creates in the Makerspace (or what that user creates at home in their garage) if that creation is related to their work for that employer.

Further detail for employees and students regarding existing general IP obligations can be found in the University Policy on Intellectual policy.

For the sake of clarity, the use of the facility, equipment, supplies, or staff support will not create any obligation for Edinburgh employees and students to report inventions or assign said inventions to the University.