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The Meta Quest 3 is a standalone virtual reality headset offering 6 degrees of freedom for movement and pass through vision for mixed reality.

All processing and spatial tracking is carried out by the headset itself and so no PC or wired connection is required.

The included batteries are rechargeable, do not throw them away, they must all be returned.

You must use a Meta account to use the Quest 3. Even if you are an existing Facebook user you need to set up your Meta account if you have not done already. You also need to download the Oculus app on your mobile device and log in with the Meta account.

Instructions on how to setup the headset with your account and reset it after use can be found here

Key specs:
Resolution: 2064 x 2208 per eye with a refresh rate of 120hz
Storage: 120GB
Passthrough: High-fidelity colour passthrough for mixed reality applications
Field of View (FoV): Horizontal approx: 110°, Vertical Approx. 96°

This package includes:
1 x Meta Quest 3
2 x Meta Quest 3 controller
1 x USB C Plug
1 x USB C to USB C Cable
4 x rechargeable battery (2 in controllers and 2 spare)
1 x Carry case


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Max. Checkout Length

14 days

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