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Please note: Unfortunately, most glasses wearers will not be able to easily use the magic leap 1.

Magic Leap 1 is a powerful and lightweight standalone Augmented Reality headset. It consists of three components: the headset (Lightwear), a small battery-powered wearable computer (Lightpack), and a controller.
The headset is powered by the Lightpack, which hooks into your belt or pocket so no PC is required to use the headset.
To control the Magic Leap, you can use the physical 6DoF controller which has a touch sensitive trackpad and trigger button, or you can enable hand-tracking and use your hands for simple gestures that don’t require precise input.
Before using the headset, make sure to complete a visual calibration so that the headset learns to track your eye movements.

For users: The headset connects via wifi and additional applications can be downloaded from the magic leap library within the headset.

For development: You can deploy a unity or unreal application to the Magic leap 1 from a connected computer. You can find our information about developing for the magic leap AR headset here:

Key Specs:
• Display resolution: 1280 x 960 per RGB eye
• Degrees of freedom: Inside/out 6DoF
• Eye tracking infrared sensors
• Refresh rate: 120Hz
• Field of view: 50 degrees
• Weight: 316g
• Storage: 128GB
• 3-hour battery

This package includes:
1 x Magic Leap 1: Lightwear (heads-up display) and Lightpack (Processing system)
1 x Magic Leap controller
1 x Controller charger
1 x Lightpack charger
2 x USB-C cables
2 x Power Adaptor
1 x Setup documentation
5 x nose pads
2 x forehead pads
1 x Magic Leap box


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