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The HP Omnicept is a tethered virtual reality headset featuring high-resolution LCD displays and a state-of-the-art sensor system capable of capturing biometric data in real time. (Eye-tracking, pupillometry, heart rate, lower face camera).

Key Specs:
• Screen resolution: Dual LCD 2160x2160 per eye
• Computer tethered: yes.
• Degrees of freedom: Inside/out 6 DOF using 4 cameras for tracking
• Sensors: Eye Tracking with pupillometry, Heart rate, Face camera
• Refresh rate: 90Hz
• Field of view: ~114 degrees
• Supports Stationary and Room-scale play.

For users:
• Make sure your Windows is up to date, you can check it under: Windows Start Menu>Settings>Windows Update>Check for updates>Download & Install (when necessary)
• Install Windows Mixed Reality Portal if it is not already on your computer (
• Start “Mixed Reality Portal”
• Follow the setup steps on screen
• Download the HP Omnicept Runtime for eye tracking calibration if required. (

Alternatively you can use SteamVR to run steam based VR applications. Steam account password is the usual makerspace one, please ask for it in the space.

For developers:
• Create a HP ID account and Download HP Omnicept Core SDK (which includes Runtime) (This supports Unity/Unreal/C++)
• If you’d like to access additional features such as (Cognitive load, pulse rate variability, and VR spatial audio) follows the steps on this page:

The included batteries are rechargeable, do not throw them away, they must all be returned.

This headset requires a computer that can accept either display port or mini display port.

You can find out more information here:

This package includes:
1 x HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition headset
1 x 6m cable and connector: USB A and display port connection
1 x power adapter
2 x motion controllers
8 x AA rechargeable batteries
1 x display port to display port mini adapter
1 x USB A to USB C adapter
1 x manuals
1 x box


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