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The DJI mini 2 is a class 0 drone (<250g) with a 4k camera on a gimbal.
It is operated by a phone (provided) and has a flight time of ~31 minutes with each of its batteries.
It does not have a "follow me mode".

You must have a registered UK government flyer ID to be able to loan this equipment. You will not be able to book this equipment until you have shown us your flyer ID.
Getting a flyer ID is free but you must complete a short test, you can do so here:
You can check if you are registered here:
Those loaning uCreate drones should understand that they are liable for the safe operation of the drone and must adhere to the laws as described when obtaining their flyer ID.

Finally, you must also register as a drone pilot with the university here:

The drone must not be flown in high winds or rain
The drone cannot be taken outside of the UK

The following are reminders about some of the key points of drone safety and regulation:

  • You may not fly into restricted areas as shown by the drone application.
  • You must have an observer beside you (who can see the drone) if you are flying using only the screen. Ensure you or your observer have unaided line of sight of the drone at all times.
  • There are no legal circumstances in which you can fly the drone directly over a crowd.
  • You may never fly more than 120m above ground level.
  • You must wear the high visibility vest at all times while flying the drone.
  • Check for any tall structures, such as cranes, masts and wires. Do not fly if there are structures in the area that will mean it’s not safe or legal.
  • Report any dangerous incidents, near misses or suspicious activity (that could have harmed people or aircraft) here:
  • Do not violate data protection laws by filming people in their homes or gardens.
  • Store data captured safely and delete any footage of members of the public that is not needed/used.

This package includes:
Carry Bag x 1
DJI Mini 2 Drone x 1
Gimble Protector (attached to drone, removable) x 1
DJI Mini 2 Controller x 1
Oppo find X3 Lite Phone x 1 (Access code 123456)
High visibility vest x 1
Two way charging station x 1
Batteries x 3
64GB micro SD card x 1
Micro SD to SD card adaptor x 1
Micro SD to USB adaptor x 1
USB Plug x 2
USB C to USB A cable x 3
USB C to USB C cable x1
Replacement Blades x 12 (Do not use without permission)
Replacement thumbsticks x 2

Drone specifications can be found here:


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Max. Checkout Length

5 days

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