Do not make a booking that starts or ends on a weekend, as the space is closed on these days.


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The Einscans are our high end 3D object scanners. They are very flexible and can be used in a fixed position with a turntable or handheld, with multiple scan modes.

Receiving training on the use of this item is highly recommended before loaning it out.

Please note the scanner must be plugged into a computer and running Einscan proprietary software to operate. The Einscan software is free to download but requires a high performance machine to use effectively.

The Einscan Pro 2X Plus comes with a "Colour pack" (for colour/texture scans), a 'HD prime pack' (for higher detail non-textured capture) and a turntable - any of which can be used a part of the scanning if desired.
A high performance laptop can also be loaned out with the scanner but is booked separately.
In addition if you are scanning transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, you may wish to loan out the talcum powder brush to improve how well the scanner can pick up your object.

The "Einscan Pro 2X Plus" scans in high detail and also runs on newer and improved software.
Note that it scans in very slightly lower detail than the "Einscan pro 2X 2020" despite the name.

For Einscan Pro 2X Plus technical specifications:


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Max. Checkout Length

14 days

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