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This package can be used to create 3D models of small objects using photogrammetry.

Watch our photogrammetry workshop to learn more:

To use this equipment:

  • The turntable connects via bluetooth to an app (foldio 360 - available on a provided tablet or you can download on your phone).
  • The app then tells the turntable to send IR signals to the DLSR camera provided to take photos as the turntable rotates.
  • To work correctly, the provided camera must have the drive mode set to "Self-timer: 10sec/remote" and the camera must be set to manual focus - the IR sensor must also be able to see the turntable.
  • Note The Bluetooth on the camera must be turned off.

This package includes:
1 x Cannon EOS 77D DLSR Camera
1 x camera battery and charger
1 x micro sd
1 x 50mm prime lens
1 x Gorillapod Tripod
1 x Foldio foldable studio light tent
1 x Foldio light tent power supply
1 x Foldio light tent velvet dark background
1 x Foldio 360 turntable
1 x Foldio 360 power supply
1 x Samsung Tablet
1 x USB A to micro USB cable
1 x USB A Plug


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14 days

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