VIRTUAL REALITY EQUIPMENT LOANS: Please be aware, we've introduced an approval system to ensure we can safely quarantine some Virtual reality headsets between loans - some virtual reality equipment will warn you it "can only be reserved for 0 days" but your booking will be approved manually by the uCreate team.


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The Oculus Quest is a standalone virtual reality headset offering 6 degrees of freedom for movement. All processing and spatial tracking is carried out by the headset itself and so no PC or wired connection is required.
64GB of storage space.

The Quest will come logged into the studio account with a number of paid applications available.
Warning: Any apps you purchase while on this account will become available for every headset but will not be owned by you.

If you wish to load your own account onto the Quest you will need to perform a factory reset:
If you do this, please factory reset the headset again before returning it and let us know upon return so we can set it up for the next user.

Key specs:

Computer tethered: optional
Degrees of freedom: 6 DOF
Screen Resolution: Dual OLED 1600x1440
Refresh rate: 72Hz
Minimum area required: 2x2m
Maximum area: 8x8m
Useful for: Wireless VR, Group VR activities, developing and testing VR applications


Max. Per User


Max. Checkout Length

28 days

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