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The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset which connects to a computer, offering 6 degrees of freedom for movement with motion controllers. The oculus Rift was the first of Oculus consumer headsets and is still widely used. It must be combined with a computer and allows high grade VR.

Please note: Steam login details for access to several purchased apps are available on request.

Key specs:
Computer tethered: Yes, stationary trackers
Degrees of freedom: 6 DOF
Screen Resolution: Dual OLED 1080x1200
Refresh rate: 90Hz
Minimum area required: 2x2m
Maximum area: 3x3m
Useful for: Steam VR, VR applications requiring high powered computing.

The included batteries are rechargeable, do not throw them away, they must all be returned.

This package includes:
1 x Oculus rift headset with cable
1 x washable face interface
2 x Tracking tower
2 x oculus rift controller
4 x AA rechargeable batteries
1 x manual
1 x box


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