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You must have completed LiDAR training to use this equipment. Training is now bookable via our website.

LiDAR trainings take place on the 2nd Monday of every month. Do not book for use during this time or your booking will be cancelled or amended without warning.

If you have a group that would like LiDAR training, you can also email us at to organise a group training session.

The BLK 360 is a LIDAR scanner, used for quickly digitising large areas. Operated with an Ipad Pro and tripod, the BLK360 has a 60m radius range and can be used to digitise whole buildings or locations quickly. The BLK360 captures 360,000 points per second, has panoramic HDR imagery, and has thermal imaging capability.

It uses the Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition) software which you can learn to use in our LIDAR training. You will need to loan one of our LIDAR laptops to get access to this software.

BLK360 G1 specifications:

User Manual:

BLK360 G1 vs G2 comparison guide:

This package includes:
1 x Leica BLK360 G1
1 x BLK360 Transport shell case
3 x BLK360 Battery
2 x BLK360 Battery charger
2 x BLK360 Battery charger plug
1 x BLK360 Mission bag
1 x BLK360 tripod
1 x high vis waistcoat
1 x Ipad Pro (Regular Ipad in LIDAR A)
1 x Ipad case
1 x USB C charging plug
1 x USB C Cable (LIDAR B)
1 x USB C to lightning cable (LIDAR A)
1 x car charger adapter (LIDAR B)


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